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Therisano Investment Capital

Therisano Investment Capital was established in 2010. Therisano is a company that is in the fore front of economic empowerment through active, operational involvement in underlying strategic investments in leading African enterprises. We partner with strategic companies to develop, grow and expand their business as well as ours through individually tailored finance solutions.
Therisano may either provide debt funding through its network of funders or through its private assets to assist clients with expansion capital or equity investments as well as mergers and acquisitions. We are headquartered in South Africa, with widespread links into Africa, Asia, and America

Our Team of banking and mining investment professionals have extensive experience, networks & capacity. We are driven by excellence and delivery.

Therisano Investment Capital has a noteworthy pipeline of projects in its portfolio in both the private and public sector. We pride ourselves in understanding the African landscape and we are always keen to partner with clients or business associated entities in their endeavour to conquer the African opportunity through our expertise.
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