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Business Brokerage
Therisano has a network of consultants and business brokers who are in the position to assist international companies looking for market presence in Africa. Therisano works hand in hand with legal partners and relevant sector experts to simplify the process of entering specific market sectors required by our clients.
Consulting & Recruitment Services
The company is able to assist clients by providing them with sector specific consultants and professional recruitment services. Our human resources capability spans from multiple industries due to the vast network extablished by our founders and directors.
International Expansion
We offer efficient solutions tailor made to suit each individual client. In this context our role is to evaluate business areas and define the operational structure, advising our clients during each step of the process.
Investment Projects & Venture Capital Services
Our inhouse expertise enable us to provide corporate finance solutions for Therisano's clients, working together with investment banks, venture capital firms, private equity firms and crowd funding organisations.
Infrastructure Development
Through specific EPC partners we provide tailer made development solutions and we partner with local companies where Therisano does the development project management on behalf of project investors or funders.